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Would you learn about the oral biofilm if your health depended on it? Well it just might. On the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan discusses the importance of diet, biofilm management and the oral systemic link with fellow dental professionals. Join us and learn how the state of your oral cavity can impact your overall health.

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Aug 21, 2018


Strong acids can harm your teeth, and soda is not the only acidic thing you put in your mouth. In this episode of the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan talks with Dr. Jason Luchtefeld, practicing dentist and oral health advocate. They discuss the pH levels of current dentifrice products on the market and break down why acidic solutions may be harming your enamel. In fact, both doctors agree that basic products perform better by promoting healthy mineralization and obstructing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, they stress the importance of speaking to patients about dealing with dry mouth, using good dentifrice products and making healthy dietary changes. Because, ultimately, everything you put into your mouth will have an impact on your oral health. For more on The Biofilm Factor, follow on Instagram @biofilmfactor and @ryannolandmd or find us on Facebook at The Biofilm Factor Podcast.


Bio for Jason Luchtefeld

Jason Luchtefeld is a practicing dentist and was the previous host of the Prism podcast. He focuses on understanding and educating others about oral health and overall health through managing diet and choosing the correct dentifrice products. He can be found on his instagram @jasonluchtefeld.


Show Notes:

  • How did the Prism Podcast get started? [1:25]
  • Dr. Luchtefeld tells us about his background. [3:57]
  • Discussing occlusal problems. [11:18]
  • What is a homunculus? [17:08]
  • How are dentistry and nutrition related? [19:55]
  • How does Dr. Luchtefeld talk to a patient about making dietary changes in order to improve his or her oral health? [25:25]
  • Discussing carifree rinse and the importance of a balanced pH. [31:38]
  • What does Dr. Luchtefeld think about chlorhexidine? [33:20]
  • Discussing the use of acid in mouthwashes. [37:00]
  • Understanding dry mouth, why it is a common problem and how we can deal with it. [40:54]
  • What does remineralization balance mean? [44:06]
  • Dr. Luchtefeld and Dr. Nolan share their thoughts on biotene? [46:00]
  • How many dentifrice products use flavoring to mask the fact that they are not effective? [50:22]
  • Discussing the possible benefits of rinsing with coconut oil. [55:10]
  • What concentration is needed in order to make essential oils effective? [1:01:20]
  • Talking about charcoal toothpaste and mouthwashes. [1:05:25]
  • What brands do Dr. Luchtefeld and Dr. Nolan recommend to patients? [1:09:00]
  • The demographics of the dental community and how to increase the involvement of the newest generation. [1:14:35]
  • Why do you get into dentistry and how should we approach CE? [1:23:50]
  • What group of people needs the most help in dentistry and what is the role of socioeconomics in access to dental care? [1:25:17]
  • Closing thoughts and information about Dr. Jason Luchtefeld. [1:29:47]