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Would you learn about the oral biofilm if your health depended on it? Well it just might. On the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan discusses the importance of diet, biofilm management and the oral systemic link with fellow dental professionals. Join us and learn how the state of your oral cavity can impact your overall health.

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Jun 19, 2018


Every mouth tells a different story and yours is saying a mouthful. In this episode of The Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan talks with Dr. Naveen Karim, periodontist and prevention advocate. They discuss periodontal disease and the consequences it can have on the rest of the body. In addition to other oral issues, connections to cardiovascular disease and preterm birth have been found as well. They emphasize the need to promote awareness about maintaining the sensitive balance of bacteria that lives within our oral microbiome. The problems and issues that arise in our mouths matter and are related to our overall health. These issues are a call for help. Will you listen? For more on The Biofilm Factor, follow on Instagram @biofilmfactor and @ryannolandmd or find us on Facebook at The Biofilm Factor Podcast.

Bio of Dr. Naveen Karim

Dr. Naveen Karim is an award winning periodontist and prevention advocate in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Karim graduated with a master’s degree in Oral Biology and received her DDS from the Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Karim’s work focuses on dental research as well as understanding how to best educate patients on oral care and prevention. She can be reached on Instagram @dfw.dentalsurgery.

Show Notes

  • Why Dr. Karim want to be a periodontist? [1:10]
  • What is the study and primary focus of periodontology? [3:04]
  • Explaining the spectrum of decay and periodontitis. [4:13]
  • What is the oral systemic link between periodontitis and the rest of the body? [6:15]
  • How can an individual be proactive in prevention? [7:35]
  • Regular teeth cleanings are a great way to actively prevent dental diseases. [8:58]
  • What procedures does Dr. Karim do on a regular bases as a periodontist and what is the significance of these procedures? [9:58]
  • A focus on procedures such as osseous and guided tissue regeneration. [12:40]
  • Why is it important to maintain and pay attention to threshold values instead of eliminating the disease all together? [15:55]
  • We all have bacteria, the problems arises when there is not a balance within our mouth. [18:23]
  • What is the connection between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease? [20:57]
  • Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream, travel to other parts of the body and potentially cause problems. [22:24]
  • What specific bacteria should we pay attention to and be concerned about? [22:58]
  • How does the overuse of antibiotics affect a patient’s health? [25:17]
  • Are topical antibiotics used for peri-implantitis or pockets and are they successful? [29:13]
  • Can you transfer the bacteria that causes periodontal disease to someone else through physical interactions? [30:45]
  • What is the risk of getting periodontal disease if an individual already has bleeding gums? [33:36]
  • During pregnancy, a female should be aware of her oral bacteria because of the link between preterm birth and periodontal disease. [37:10]
  • “Don’t underestimate the power of a good cleaning” for any circumstance. [40:45]
  • What is a pregnancy “tumor” and how does it occur? [41:00]
  • What is the difference between acute periodontitis and chronic periodontitis? [42:44]
  • Has Dr. Karim ever worked with AA (Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans) bacteria? [44:30]
  • How has the modern diet affected periodontal and overall disease? [46:36]
  • Is the mouth a reflection of the rest of a patient’s well being and organ function? [48:06]
  • What populations or age groups are the most unrecognized and would benefit from prevention and periodontal management? [49:10]
  • How does socioeconomics influence risk factors for oral diseases? [51:08]
  • Can losing your teeth change your ability to do a job and live a full life? [53:38]
  • How does periodontitis stop a person from getting proper nutrition? [56:06]
  • Is chlorhexidine still the gold standard for mouth rinses or are we settling for something that could potentially decrease oral diversity and increase a patient’s chances for diabetes? [57:38]
  • Dr. Karim shares more information about the antioxidant gel from her master’s research. [1:00:34]
  • How does periodontal disease and diabetes influence implant or restorative treatment planning success? [1:02:30]
  • Dr. Karim talks about the cases that changed her work approach and perspective. [1:04:00]
  • Closing thoughts and information about Dr. Karim. [1:05:50]