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Would you learn about the oral biofilm if your health depended on it? Well it just might. On the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan discusses the importance of diet, biofilm management and the oral systemic link with fellow dental professionals. Join us and learn how the state of your oral cavity can impact your overall health.

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Aug 14, 2018


Do you trust your gut? In this episode of the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan talks with Adrian Corbett, founder of Gut Geek. They discuss the importance of listening to your gut and taking time to heal it. They encourage we make healthy choices by eliminating soda, eating meat from grass fed animals and being...

Jul 3, 2018


Being intentional with your health, your movement and your goal setting is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this unique episode of The Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan talks with Mark Rogers, founder of the Simply Human podcast. They step back from dentistry and take a holistic approach towards healthy...