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Would you learn about the oral biofilm if your health depended on it? Well it just might. On the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan discusses the importance of diet, biofilm management and the oral systemic link with fellow dental professionals. Join us and learn how the state of your oral cavity can impact your overall health.

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Jul 31, 2018


Ultimately, dentists and doctors are on the same team. In this episode of the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan talks with Dr. Lewis Chen. They discuss the rise of diabetes, and the influence it can have on an individual’s length and quality of life. In addition, they promote prevention through investing in one’s health early on through proper nutrition. Dr. Chen talks about the current workings of dentistry and the needed shift for dentists to become more involved in the patient’s overall health instead of limiting their work to simply endpoint treatment. What dentists are taught in dental school is insufficient. Everything in our bodies is linked; isn’t it time for healthcare to do the same? For more on The Biofilm Factor, follow on Instagram @biofilmfactor and @ryannolandmd or find us on Facebook at The Biofilm Factor Podcast.


Bio for Dr. Lewis Chen

Dr. Lewis Chen graduated from Columbia University with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He is currently a clinician who takes a modern approach to patient management and emphasizes the influence of nutrition on a patient’s oral and overall health. He can be reached on Instagram @dr.lewischen or on his website


Show Notes:

  • What got Dr. Chen interested in dentistry and what is his vision moving forward? [1:05]
  • Is dentistry going to change in the next 10 or 20 years through research and product development? [3:10]
  • Discussing the possibility of nutritional counseling in dentistry. [5:30]
  • Invest in your health by avoiding poor food choices. [10:00]
  • Understanding the oral systemic link and why it is so important. [14:40]
  • The oral systemic link is beyond just your personal oral and overall health. [16:40]
  • Dr. Nolan discusses the case study of one of his patients. [19:00]
  • Always read the labels because you don’t know the amount of sugar that is being added to your food. [23:20]
  • Recent research shows the slim connection between diet and your cholesterol levels. [26:33]
  • Type 2 diabetes and elevated insulin influencing your immune system. [29:00]
  • 9.4% of Americans are diabetic and 26% are prediabetic. [31:00]
  • Why diabetes is bad in terms of bone loss and how the immune system handles it. [34:00]
  • Dr. Nolan shares his experience with a patient who suffered from lesions. [38:15]
  • Checking people’s blood pressure when they come to the dentist because they might not be seeing a doctor. [41:11]
  • On average, dentists are seen more often than doctors, should dentists give nutritional counseling for the overall health of their patients? [43:50]
  • What is the importance of antioxidants for your oral and overall health? [48:20]
  • The food you eat influences your gut biome and your microbiome. [52:00]
  • Discussing the differences in disease states between the United States and Asia. [54:37]
  • What diet are we enforcing? Processed or fresh? [59:00]
  • Dr. Chen’s thoughts on chlorhexidine use. Is it still the gold standard or is there room for improvement? [1:00:40]
  • Dr. Chen’s thoughts on xylitol. [1:03:38]
  • Discussing the use of antibiotics and the future of antibiotic use. [1:06:17]
  • Dr. Chen gives advice to dentists in the United States. [1:09:45]
  • What population and age group goes the most unrecognized and what is the role of socioeconomics in dental health and treatment? [1:14:10]
  • What was the biggest misconception that Dr. Chen was taught in dental school? [1:15:58]
  • Dr. Chen talks about a case that changed his life and made him think about dentistry differently. [1:18:33]
  • Closing thoughts and information about Dr. Lewis Chen. [1:21:30]